Sunday, 30 December 2007

Funny comic

Heh, I thought this was rather funny.

As found here:

Friday, 7 December 2007

Most Improved! w00t!

At the Christmas party I was shocked to receive the "Most Improved Paddler Award" Check out my cool prize in the picture...

I'm still really enjoying kayaking with the university club. I'm heading off to north wales with the club later today and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone in the club for making things so fun!

Also a HUGE thank you to my Fiancee, Daisy. Without her I would have given up on kayaking after my first try, I was TERRIBLE really tippy, scared of the water and really sensitive to even the smallest riffle! I'm a bit better now, I can roll on both sides (in a pool...) and can do a few more funky things. I'm looking forward to going for either my 2 or 3 Star at some point in the new year. Until then, Another big thank you to everyone!