Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Photography: my new hobby!

Last week I was mooching around some second hand shops in English town of Tewkesbury when I happened upon a camera and a little further inspection and it turned out to be an old 35mm SLR.

I've always had an affinity for high precision equipment, watches, optics etc. Whilst I've never really had a camera before this old lump was only £8 so I decided to buy it. Its a Chinon CM-4 from what I can tell its about 20 years old. It takes Pentax K mount bayonet lenses and is fully manual.

I'm loving it! I've shot 3 or 4 rolls of film already! Of course I should wait and make sure that the shots develop correctly but I'm having fun all the same!

I know from reading here and in other places that I've made many elementary mistakes but I think I got some decent shots, after all, if the shutter speed is not so low as to create the dreaded camera shake and the TTL indicator tells me I'm on the money the picture should come out reasonably well.... It may not be a good picture of course but hopefully I will be able to see the thing I was pointing at!

I'm learning a lot at the moment, I really enjoy using this fully manual camera, of course there are thousands of advantages with newer camera's but at least at the moment, if there is a problem with a shot there is only one person I can blame

The only thing I would like to have is a Depth Of Field preview so that I can check that the apature is set correctly for the photo I want to take.

My mother commented that I seem to have expensive hobbies, how nice it is that I pick up a new one just before my birthday :-D

If anyone can give me any hints or tips, particularly for airshows as I have one coming up, That would be great. I also have a 210mm lens for that one, should get me a little closer!


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  1. hei, my new hobby too...i love my camera a lot. mm...there's no best trick for you but practice a lot...:). i've uploaded some pictures a my blog, maybe you can have a look and give some opinion.