Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Module Choices

Semester One:
CS31310 Agile Methodologies
CS33110 Small Real-Time Systems
CS34210 Visualisation
CS35110 Internet Architecture and Operation
SE31410 Server-Side Software
SE39200 Distributed Systems

Semester Two:
CS35710 Ubiquitous Computing
CS35910 Internet Administration
CS36410 Intelligent Robotics
CS38010 Professional issues in Software Engineering
SE33010 Formal methods in Software Engineering
SE39220 Distributed Systems

Next year looks like its going to be rather tough. I've tried to avoid the maths or AI heavy modules which has left me with some very knowledge based (as opposed to concept based) modules with 100% riding on the exam. Oh well, lets see how it goes..... The final year looks far better.

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