Sunday, 13 May 2007

New Equipment at work

Horay, I finally have my RCU setup for testing concurrent access via the DDL.

In this picture, we have the aluminium frame for a tpc sector, which holds 6 RCU's. Each RCU has 2 Branches with 2 Front End Cards on each branch.

It might not look like much but its really quite cool :-)


  1. Wow, a full sector all to yourself, and it looks like your new office actually has a window - I've not seen any photos of it since you moved out of the dungeon.
    Always fun to have cool hardware to play with - blown anything expensive up recently? ;-)

  2. Well, This isn't my office this is in yet another lab.

    My setup now spans 3 labs + my office. Which is pretty fun to be honest! Lots of walking when I fsck things up though.

    As far as blowing things up goes....well....hardware failures do happen ;-)