Friday, 8 November 2013

Thursday was a great day, I didn't attend much of the summit talks because the tracks aren't very strong this year. Lots of 'we stood up OpenStack' or 'we sell this talks'. At this point in the game, no-one should be surprised that OpenStack works!

Yesterday's Security Talk was well attended, mine is today!

Food in the hotel is pretty good, this is the seafood buffet!

On my way to the HP party, through the rich parts of HK, I think you could spend a few pennies here, the road was full of designer stores!

Its a tree, in the middle of Hong Kong! 

Crispy Duck! Not had that in a while, nom nom nom!

Drummers! Pretty cool entertainment!

I managed to grab a few little videos of some of the festivities. This one is the dummers, with a little bit of a hello from me and Duncan, Duncan's going to come see us some time in Wales (he studied in Aber)
The acrobatic demonstrations were very cool, my phone was playing up so only a few clips I'm afraid!

One of my buddies Eric takes a shot at the blocks, he does a pretty good job too!

A little bit of a dance I saw, the dancer changes masks super quickly, I've not managed to capture much of it so it's here for flavour more than anything else!

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