Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Today wasn't bad, not a whole bunch of interesting stuff happened. I met up with some good people at conference and got some agreements on security strategies for the future.

So with nothing amazing to report, no hang overs and no crazy stories, here's a few photos from today

Breakfast, eggs Benedict - they were spicy, that was strange!

I had to walk over to my second hotel today, I'm booked in there tomorrow, I took this photo on the way. I really like it for some odd reason!

A shop that I'm fairly sure I'll loose you in if we ever come to hong kong together!

Traffic in central hong kong! There's light everywhere!

Remember the salt-crusted fish we saw Ramsay make - well that's what Ben ordered, Salt Crusted Sea Bass. The waiter brought it over, cracked it open and then filleted the fish right there, did a great job!

Top Gear! ? !

More Tea!

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