Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Hey all,

A big hello to the friends I made at fosdem (phreak, christel, djay-il, Betegeuse, diox, Kingtaco, spb, griffen26, hkBST, DrEeevil…..) It was great to meet you all!

Fosdem was really fun, diox did a great job setting up for the meal and the hostel, It was fantastic to meet so many geeks and debate the merits of everything and anything in a nice friendly and often beer fueled environment!

The only bad thing for me happened on Saturday afternoon. I packed my laptop in my bag and left it at the back of the Gentoo dev room whilst I went outside to talk to some developers. When I got back the bag had moved and when I took out and powered on my laptop the screen was broken! I use my laptop not only for all of my gentoo development (Security, Forensics and recently Java) but as many of you may know I come from England but live in Switzerland, my laptop is my life line to the UK, my friends, family and my fiancee.

I’m setting up a webpage soon to ask for help from the community to get my laptop back to working (or replaced, the price is about the same). Any donations are welcome and all will be recognised by me personally.

Your donation will also entitle you to one free (hug/beer/coffee/backscratch) at any developer conference you meet me at. Also if you come to switzerland I’ll hapilly take you on a guided tour of some of the experiments that we have where I work (European Organisation for Nuclear Research - CERN).

So thats about it for now, I’ll setup a website shortly and I kindly ask that you consider linking to this on your blogs :-)

Special thanks to

  • phreak“
  • Kingtaco
  • djay-il
  • Greywolf
  • My Hungarian Friend
  • diox
  • hansmi
  • tomaw

Who have already made donations. The running total at the moment is 148 USD ! Please keep those donations rolling in to or click the donation button:

Thanks again!


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  1. I have a new screen sitting on my desk and a new LCD Inverter being shipped from the UK!

    Hopefully soon my laptop will be up and running again in all of its shiney Dell glory!