Saturday, 24 March 2007

Summer of code.

My summer of code applications seem to have been well received.

I've been hanging around on the relevant channels on IRC and had a few good comments. I had a good email conversations with Jukka Zitting from Apache.

The Apache GSoC is by far the hardest of the three that I may possibly get the chance to be a part of. They are all interesting projects though.

The one I seem most likely to get at the moment is writing a 'shorten' plug in for the Audacious media player (think "winamp"). Shorten is a loss less audio format but it has some dodgy licencing so it will be my job to write a fully open source alternative codec.

This suits me because I really like writing low level time-dependant code that has real world effects.

I'm off to upload my pictures from the Geneva Motor Show and FOSDEM in Brussels.



  1. Good luck, I hope you get a nice interesting project :).

  2. Did you have any luck on a shorten plugin for Audacious?